Jowar Bajri Roti

During winter months in India, we use pearl millet (bajri) a lot. We use it to prepare snacks, roti/rotla (flatbread), sweets, etc. People also use it to prepare porridge. I live it Canada so we have longer winter compare to India. I always keep bajri (pearl millet) flour at home. Bajri contains disease fighting phytochemicals that lower cholesterol, antioxidants, plenty of fibre, folate, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamins-E and B-complex, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Another flour I really like is jowar (sorghum) which I use in making multigrain spicy pancakes, thalipeeth, handvo, chakri, etc.  I read that jowar is packed with good quality fibre which can help facilitate your digestion, manage obesity, regulate blood sugar levels and curb the risk of high blood pressure and strokes. It is said that a single serving of jowar contains more than 12 grams. It is one of the best millets for diabetics.. I keep both whole and flour sorghum at home. It is so easy to digest and both these flour are gluten free so anyone with gluten intolerance or celiac can eat this. We especially prepare this for new mom (after child birth) too and serve her during lunch.

This recipe makes 3 medium size roti or we call it rotla. We enjoy these rotla with baigan bharta (olo), urad dal, stuffed eggplant, methi (fenugreek) sabji, etc. It’s a classic combination which every Gujarati prepares during winter months. If you have leftover bajri roti next day, then crush it in food processor or with hands, add ghee and jaggery and mix well. Then make ladoo. This is the best way to use leftover jowar bajri roti.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

1/2 cup bajri (pearl millet) flour
1/2 cup jowar (sorghum) flour
Water as needed
Ghee (clarified butter)

1. Prepare slightly soft dough dough using bajri and jowar flour and hot water. You can use only one millet flour if that’s your choice. You can add little wheat flour which will make rolling easier. Add little water at a time. Knead the dough for 2-3 minutes pressing with your palm. Divide in 3 portion and make 3 bolls and flatten it.

2. Heat pan (tawa).

3. Dust the flour on flat surface and on dough to roll roti using rolling pin, roll it with very soft hand as it can easily break. Another way is to softly press the dough with fingers and spread it to make roti (see video).

4. Slowly put the roti on hot pan using both hands, spread little water on top. Make sure there is no bubble and roti lays the flat on tawa.

5. Cook on medium to high heat. When lower side is slightly cooked and has some brown marks, flip and let another side cook.

6. Remove the pan, handle roti with tong and flip on stove slightly pushing with tong. Cook on both side on stove. I am using cake cooking rack on my glass top stove.
Bajri rotla

7. Remove from stove and spread ghee and serve. I served it with veg eggplant with vadi and potato curry, cucumber radish raita (dip), turmeric pickle, jaggery, papad and adadiya pak. It is a soul satisfying meal. Absolutely delicious simple veg meal at it’s best.

Points to remember:

– I am using only bajra (pearl millet) flour but if you find it hard, you can add little wheat flour.

– Use rice flour to spread it, makes process much easier.

– Always transfer roti with 2 hands from rolling pin or thali to tawa.

– Don’t forget to spread little water o top.

– Cook on medium heat as helps to cook properly

You can check out other flatbread (roti/bread) recipes on my website.

Thank you for visiting my website. Happy cooking!

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