I have been planning on putting together this page for a long time but never got a chance until now. Its better late than never, so here it is.

  1. The 1st award I received for cooking was from Anna (ANNASUSANNAP) for Creative Blogger . It was very special because I received this award within a few months of starting this blog. It motivated me to continue blogging.
  2. Recently I received 3rd Place in USA in #ItsLeftoverMakeover contest from It’s PotLuck. I love using leftovers and creating something new. It was a wonderful experience participating in this competition. My winning recipe was Banana Peanut Kulfi

3. My recipe for Thai Red Vegetable Curry was the winner of The Creative Ingredient Challenge.  The theme of the contest was that I get a special ingredient from the judges. I need to use that ingredient to make my dish which needs to be creative, original and impress my best friend to celebrate Friendship day. I choose my daughter and son as my best friends. My son absolutely loved my dish and judges loved it too! Thank you Lina and Antonia for the appreciation, I am so thrilled! 


I am looking forward to sharing wonderful recipes with my lovely followers. I truly appreciate your support and look forward to new achievements in the future.

Cheers 🙂