Rajgira/Amaranth Paratha

Rajgira floor is made from Amaranth seeds. It is also called Ramdana flour. It is extensively used during Hindu fasting. We use this flour to make pakoda, shira (sweet dish), paratha, etc. My mother in law who passed away few years back used to make best soft Rajgira paratha. I learned this from her and I am so glad I did! I prepare it when my family is fasting during religious festivals. I will prepare spread of Hindu fasting dishes and my family will relish in each dish as they all love these dishes. Recently I prepared this paratha accompanied by farali aloo (potato) sabji, Sama/Barnyard Millet Dhokla, Mango Shrikhand and sauteed jalapeno on side, absolutely delicious meal!

Rajgira flour is gluten free.

Preparation Time:ย 10-15 minutes

Cooking Time:ย 20-25 minutes


2 cups – Rajgira flour
1 small boiled and mashed potato (remove skin)
1 green chili chopped finely
Small piece of ginger grated or paste
1 tsp oil
Salt to taste
Ghee for cooking


1. Mix flour, mashed potato, chopped green chili, grated ginger and 1 tbsp oil in a mixing bowl. Mix well using hands. Make semi soft dough using little water at a time. At the end, moist the dough with some oil. Cover the bowl with lid and keep on side to rest for few minutes.

2. When you are ready to make paratha, make softball size ball of dough, roll a small paratha. Note that this dough doesn’t have any gluten, so it will be hard to roll. I sprinkled some dry flour on the flat surface, also roll the dough ball in dry flour. Using hands, I gently spread the dough to make paratha. You can also roll paratha between 2 plastic sheets, which will stop from sticking to surface or rolling pins. Just be very gentle.

3. Heat a non stick pan or iron tawa. Add little oil to grease it. Then gently put paratha on tawa. Cook on one side and flip. Then add ghee on the top side. When lower side is cooked then flip again. This time gently press with flat spatula and cook on medium heat, you will see paratha is browning slightly and puffs up a bit. Flip and cook another side pressing gently with flat spatula. When done pile each on top of other, it will keep them moist.

4. These paratha tastes better when warm. Potato makes it soft and ginger and chili adds lot of flavour. Pair it with aloo sabji, raita, sabudana khichdi, and mango or kesar shrikhand. These parathas are gluten free so no need to wait until you keep fast, enjoy it any day. You can easily make this vegan by using oil instead of ghee.

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