Kesar Shrikhand

Kesar mean saffron and shrikhand mean sweet pressed yogurt. This is a traditional dessert which is very famous among Gujarati’s. It is served during weddings, birthdays and many celebrations. Shrikhand is made using pressed yogurt, sugar and flavours like kesar, mango, elaichi (cardamom), strawberry, etc. are added. It is so easy to prepare with few ingredients  and everyone loves it. You can prepare it way in advance and freeze it.

My son is getting married soon and many of my family members are coming from India. Since they will be staying with me for few days, I decided to prepare this in advance so I will have dessert ready when they are here. I have used home-made yogurt but you can also use 3.25% store bought yogurt. One of our relative makes this delicious dessert so I asked her for the recipe and made few changes as per my requirement.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

3 liter – 3.25% milk
1 tbsp plain yogurt
2 1/2 cup sugar (1/2 powdered sugar and 1/2 icing sugar) or 1-1 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk
Few strands of saffron
Small pinch of cardamom powder
Few chopped almond, pistachio for garnishing

1. You can prepare yogurt at home using this recipe. When you are boiling the milk to make yogurt, break few strands of saffron between your finger and then add to boiling milk. If you are using store-bought plain yogurt, then 1st soak saffron in 2 tsp hot milk and add when you are adding sugar (3rd step).

2. Once yogurt is set, put thick layer of news paper, then paper towel and then cheese cloth and then spread yogurt on it. Keep on side until all the water from yogurt is completely drained.

3. Add strained yogurt in a big mixing bowl. Add sugar or sweetened condensed milk, saffron milk (if you are using store bought plain yogurt), cardamom powder and mix well. Sugar should completely dissolve in the yogurt. Taste and adjust sugar as needed.

4. Garnish with chopped almond and pistachio. Chill in the refrigerator and then serve. It will stay good in refrigerator for few days. It you want to store it for long time then freeze it.

We serve this with puri or roti, kadhi and vegetable on side. Try this dessert once and you will be hooked forever 😀 :D.

Also let me know if you have any questions regarding this delicious dessert.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy cooking!

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