Dosa Khakhra

I make khakhra at home all the time, sometimes with leftover roti dough (plain khakhra) and sometime with leftover masala thepla dough (masala khakhra). But most of the times they are prepared using wheat flour which has gluten in it. I wanted to try gluten free khakhra. So one day, my friend mentioned dosa khakhra. I have already eaten store bought dosa khakhra but I find them over salted and too many spices. So recently when I had leftover dosa better, I decided to give it a try. And believe me friends they turned out super delicious. No extra spices or oil. I prepared using my electric tortilla maker.

One thing I noticed that surface of tortilla maker was getting too hot and my dosa batter was sticking. I realized that all the things we do while making dosa helped in this too. Make sure you read helpful tips.

Helpful tips: 
– Grease tortilla maker surface with oil and wipe it with clean towel
– Electric tortilla maker heats up high so make sure to unplug when it gets very hot
– You can rub surface with onion which avoids batter sticking to the surface
– You can spread dosa batter and wait for few seconds so the top of it gets slightly dry and then close the lid to avoid sticking it on the top surface

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Tortilla maker

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


1 cup – dosa batter
oil for greasing surface
Slice of onion


1. You can use this dosa batter recipe.

2. Make the batter slightly thin as you can see in the video.

3. Heat tortilla maker. Grease both surface with oil and wipe it with paper towel.

4. Drop about 2 tbsp of dosa batter on the surface of tortilla maker. Spread slightly. Let if cook for 10-15 seconds before covering with top surface. In a minute or so, open and dosa batter may stick to top surface, remove carefully using spatula. Flip and let it crisp until it turns in to khakhra (crispy dosa).

5. Continue with the same process, if it sticks, you can unplugg tortilla maker for 1-2 min, wipe the surface with wet cloth or rub with onion. Make sure to follow helpful tips given above.

6. Once khakhra cools down, store in airtight container in a pantry.

If you like you can sprinkle jiralu powder before serving. You can also add kasuri methi powder in dosa batter to add the flavour. I personally enjoyed it as is.  You can serve it with masala chai for breakfast or with afternoon tea. They turned out very thin and crispy. Definitely worth a try!

I would love to know if you tried making this dish at home and share your experience with me 😊

Please do leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting my website. Until next time!

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