Lemon Pickle

When life gives you hardest lemon/lime, what you do? Make lemon pickle 😀 😀

Growing up my mom used to make lemon pickle all the time. When lemons were in season, she will buy in bulk. Then she will cut them in cubes, rub with turmeric powder and salt. Let it sit at room temperature for few days and stir with spoon daily. Lemon becomes soft in 6-7 days then we will eat it.

Recently I bought few extra lemons because of lock down. They were so hard and no juice at all. I was so frustrated with what to do. I remember this pickle and immediately I cut them in cubes and rub with turmeric powder and salt. I also added some oil to it so it won’t go bad. I put them in a glass bottle and kept near window where I get sunlight in the morning. They were slightly soft in 5-6 days. Another way is to make + deep cut on top of whole lemon. Mix turmeric powder and salt and fill the cut in the lemon with this rub. You can use lime or lemon for this recipe.

I love to prepare and eat pickles. In my house, no meal is complete without pickle on the side. You must have seen my pickle recipes for Instant Carrot PickleInstant Chile PickleInstant Grapes and Mango Pickle, Gunda or Lasoda Mango Ginger Pickle, Chana Fenugreek Mango Pickle and all these pickles are not possible without using this pickle masala. I always keep masala ready in my pantry so when I find mango or lasoda (gunda) or carrot, it takes me few minutes to prepare fresh pickle.  This lemon pickle needs only few ingredients to prepare.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Lemon cubed
Turmeric powder
Pickle masala
Small pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste
Oil or olive oil


1. Cut the lemon in big chunks, add salt, turmeric powder and little oil, mix well and fill in clean glass bottle. Keep it at room temperature or near window for 5-6 days until skin gets tender. You can stir them after 2-3 day.

2. When lemon cubes are slightly soft, in a clean bowl, mix lemon cubes, pickle masala (enough to cover lemon cubes), small pinch of asafoetida, salt, 1 tbsp oil. Mix well and it is ready.

3. Fill in clean dry jar. Keep near window (where you get the sunlight) for 2-3 days. I added additional oil to cover the pickle to top. Then store in refrigerator. It will stay good for 3-4 weeks. Serve this spicy and tangy pickle with any Indian curries, roti or paratha and pulao or biryani.

You can prepare this pickle anytime during the year as lemon/limes are always available.

Also let me know if you have any questions regarding the dish.

Thank you for visiting my website. Until next time!

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