Kanda Bhaji / Onion Fritters

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This is the most famous fritter from Mumbai, India or I would say from the state of Maharashtra, India. Ask anyone who lived there and they will tell you how much they love it.  Kanda means onion and bhaji means fritters. These bhajis are available in many street corners as it is one of the most famous street food in Maharashtra after vada pav.  There is nothing can beat this snacks which usually served during afternoon with masala chai. It is very simple recipe but has a wonderful flavour and it is crunchy from outside.

I don’t prepare fried food as often but recently I was craving for these bhajis. We usually prepared fritters using sliced onion, potato, banana, eggplant, whole chills sliced from the middle and dipped into besan (gram flour) and then deep fry it. These bhajis are prepared slight differently. They are gluten-free, nut free and vegan. It tastes the best if it has nice crunchy outer layer. Here is how I made it.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes

3 Onion thinly sliced
2-3 green chilies finely chopped
1/2 tsp ajwain/caraway seeds
1 tsp dry coriander seeds slightly crushed
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
2-3 tbsp rice flour
Besan/gram flour as needed (about 1 1/2 cup)
Oil for frying


1. In a large bowl, mix sliced onion, finely chopped green chilies, ajwain seeds, slightly crushed coriander seeds, turmeric powder and salt. Keep it on side for 20-30 minutes so onion will create some moisture.

2. After 30 minutes, add rice flour and besan in the same bowl. I have not mentioned the size of besan flour but add as much as it can accommodate or enough to cover the onion slices (as shown in below picture). You may need more or less based on the quality of onion and moisture. The batter doesn’t need to be runny. If you add more flour then sprinkle some water to get this consistency.

3. Heat a fry pan and add oil to deep fry the fritters. When oil is hot, turn down the heat and then add small lump of mixture separating with hands. These fritters are not made like balls, they look good when uneven in shape. Cook on medium heat flipping the fritters few time. Do not overcrowd the pan. When bhajis are brown and crispy, remove from the oil on to paper towel. img_9820

4. Serve when hot with masala chai on the side or just with tomato ketchup. The rice flour in the batter makes it crunchy from the outside. Ajwain and coriander seeds gives a wonderful flavour. Ajwain seeds also helps in digestion. These are the best crunchy kanda bhaji you will ever eat!!

These fritters are super-delicious and will be favourite snacks for all ages. Try it for yourself!

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Please comment below and share your experience with me. Until next time, happy cooking!

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Welcome to Bhavna's food journey! Join me in cooking easy, simple, healthy and delicious food. I am a mother of two adult children and understand the fast life of today's adult. Hope you will enjoy and try my recipes. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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