No Fry Chivda / Trail Mix

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This mix is made with flattened rice and it is perfect for those who are on gluten-free or vegan diet. All my gluten-free and vegan friends will agree that it is hard to find something when you are hungry and need to snack on something. I started making this chivda regularly since past few months. It doesn’t take long to prepare and can stay fresh for 1-2 weeks in airtight container. It is my go to snacks. I love eating chivda as an afternoon snack with a hot cup of masala chai on side.  In Indian store, you will see 2 kinds of poha thick and thin. I am using thin poha for this recipe.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10-12 minutes


Thin Poha/flattened rice – 3 cup
Curry leaves – 5-7
1 fresh or dry chili sliced thinly
Peanuts – 1/4 cup
Rosted chana dal – 1/4 tbsp
Broken cashew – 1/4 cup
Dry coconut slices – 1/4 cup
Dry raisins – 2 tbsp
Turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Asafoetida – small pinch
Corn flakes – 1 cup
Cheerios – 1 cup
Oil – 3 tbsp
Sugar – 1 tbsp (optional)


1. In a wide bottom pan, dry roast poha/falttened rice until crisp on low heat stirring continuous. Pay attention as poha can burn quickly. It will take 3-4 minutes. Once roasted, remove from the stove. Sieve and throw away crumbs/powdery stuff.

2. In the same pan, heat 3 tbsp oil. Add chili slices and curry leaves and saute for 30 seconds. Then add peanuts and chana dal and saute on low heat stirring continuous about 1 minute. When peanuts starts to change colour, add cashew and dry coconut slices and saute for another minute. Then add raisins. Raisins tend to burn quickly so keep eye and stir continuous. In 30 seconds after you add raisins, add turmeric powder and asafoetida. Same time add roasted poha, corn flakes and cheerios and continue to stir. Then add salt and sugar. Mix well. Remember to do the whole process on low heat. 
Saute Poha

3. Chivda is now ready to eat. When cool, store in airtight container, it will stay fresh for a week or two. I love to eat this with my afternoon tea as a light snack.

Please do leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions.

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