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Welcome everyone to my website!

My name is Bhavna, I am Author, Recipe Developer, Editor, Photographer and brain behind Bhavna’s Food Journey. I cook easy, simple, healthy and delicious food. You will find many plant based/vegetarian, gluten-free, nut free and vegan dishes.

I am from Mumbai, India and living in Canada for past 20+ years. I am a professional working in Finance in a multinational firm. During the course of time, I have adapted Microsoft Excel like a pro. I also started posting short video for tips & trick on my page Excel with Bhavna. I am an avid traveler and been to 35 countries (6 continents) so far. The best experience was to see Northern lights in -40 degree middle of the night standing on frozen lake, nothing can beat it!  You can check out my Instagram travel page Travel with Bhavna. My another hobby is oil painting, my house is decorated with all my paintings.

The reason I started food blog is because my daughter didn’t want to remember my recipe and she wanted me to write it down for her. She encouraged me to start a blog. I always loved cooking and I realized that everyone loves my food so I decided to create recipes with proper measurement so I can write it. I create my own recipes, take pictures and update my website, learned all during this process. I enjoy posting traditional, western and fusion recipes. I enjoy experimenting with spices which are traditionally not used in Indian cooking. I am also very passionate about making my own spice blends, it makes a huge difference in the flavours.

When my grandson was born, I wrote Katlu recipe which we feed to new mom, it is my most viewed recipe. Every single day I see someone is searching for this recipe and brings them to my post. Many people appreciated and messaged me personally, I was so touched by huge response!! Another dish Leftover Rice Fritter which my mom used to prepare all the time while growing up, has 2nd highest views. I like to share some tricks and tips on my website, I wrote a post on How to easily break very hard jaggery and I got a huge response. I cannot miss to mention Churma Ladoo, it’s my dad’s recipe we all enjoy eating. He is in late eighties and still enjoy preparing it.

This is all possible because of the great response from you all, it keeps me motivated to continue to bring something new on the table. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Happy Cooking!

Bhavna’s Food Journey

21 thoughts

  1. Very Nice Blog i just came across today! All the recipes look very unique, yummy as well as healthy, i am definitely going to try some of these soon…


  2. Hi I’m a patient of ulcerative colitis. If you could help me with some food relative tips I would be grateful . Thanks


    1. Hi Archana, I am sorry to hear that. To tell you the truth, I have no experience of the dietary restrictions about ulcerative colitis. I wish I can help but I don’t have much knowledge about it, sorry :(.


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