Churma Ladoo

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This sweet dish is very special in Hindu culture, this is offered to Lord Ganesh during 10 day festival which usually comes during September each year.

I have very fond memory of this sweet as this recipe comes from my dad. He is in his late eighties and this recipe is as old as since he started making it in his young days. He never let my mom make this sweet by herself (she is his aide while making ladoo 😀 ) . My dad is the nicest man I have ever met and he still has passion for living the life to the fullest. When all gather at my parents house he happily makes ladoo and curiously awaits for our reaction…. haha. Since I am being so far away from him, whenever I make ladoo, all the fond memories come back. Love you and miss you papa ❤ 😦 .

I have made some changes to his recipe but the process is almost same. This recipe makes around 15-16 ladoo.

I recently tried it in Air fryer too. It came out amazing. I have added air fryer option to the recipe.

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Air Fryer


Preparation Time: 45 minutes

Cooking Time: Varies between 30 – 60 minutes depending upon whether you fry or bake it


Ladoo flour or whole wheat flour – 4 cups
Semolina (need only if you are using whole wheat flour) – 1 cup
Oil – 1/2 cup
Ghee (clarified butter) – 1 cup
Jaggery – 1 cup
Little milk
Warm water – 1 cup
Peanuts – 1/3 cup
White poppy seeds for garnishing


1. Roast peanuts until skin can be easily removed and then slightly crush it

2. In a mixing bowl, add ladoo flour or if you are using wheat flour then also add semolina together. Add oil in the flour and mix well.
Mix flour

3. Make a crumbly dough by adding tablespoon of warm water at a time. You will need around a cup of water to make the dough which can bind together but still very hard.

4. Heat oven at 350F if you are planning to bake.

5. Make shell shaped balls. To make shell shaped balls, take handful of crumble and bind using both hand then push fingers to give the shape. This way they bake evenly from inside. Prepare all the balls. Arrange in a baking tray if you want to bake it. At this point you can also fry instead, deep fry using oil until it turns golden from all side.
Prepare balls

6. If you decide to bake, bake at 350F for around 1 hour or until your see golden from all sides. Keep eye while it is baking and also flip in between. If you are using Air Fryer, set air fryer on Bake option at 400F for 45 mins. Preheat air fryer. Then add dough balls. Don’t overload or it won’t have enough space to bake from all sides. Flip balls after 15 mins and then every 10-15 mins until baked from all sides. Mine took 40-45 mins. Once it ready, keep it to cool for 5-10 minutes.

7. Break the balls in small pieces with mortar and pestle. Make powder using food processor or mixer. There should be no big lumps at the end. You can also sieve so texture is same all along.
Break and sieve

8. To prepare jaggery syrup, mix ghee/clarified butter and jaggery in a pan, Heat on a low stirring continuously. Heat until jaggery is melted and mixed with ghee. Do not over cook. My dad always says if you are using 1 kg. flour then add 400 gm of jaggery but it is completely up to you how sweet you like.
Melt Jaggery

9. In mixing bowl, add ground powder, roasted peanuts and hot jaggery syrup. Mix everything carefully using spoon. Check if you can make small balls. If this mixture does not bind then heat 1/2 cup milk in the same bowl in which jaggery syrup was made. Heat for a minute to make it warm. Add warm milk little at a time and see if you can make ladoo (balls).
Mix jaggery syrup

10. Prepare all the ladoo using your both hands. Roll it in poppy seeds.
Churma ladoo

There are prepared using air fryer.
Churma ladoo Air fryer
Churma ladoo Air fryer

Once it is ready we first offer it to Lord Ganesh and then eat it as prasadam (God’s offering).

Enjoy this sweet dish when it is warm. If you make extra, put it in fridge and warm it in microwave for 20 second before eating.

Hope you will enjoy churma ladoo as much as my family does. Try it and let me know if you have any question.

Send me your comments or feedback of how you like my recipes.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Until next time!

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    1. Thank you! You can find jaggery in every Indian store. You can also use powdered sugar, the process is little different. Instead of making syrup, add powdered sugar to prepared mixture and pour hot ghee (clarified butter)on top and mix everything to make ladoo. If mixture feels dry then add some warm milk and check if mixture is binding.

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  1. Bhavna,

    I can only imagine how very special and dear this recipe must be to you. Tell your dad I will certainly try this recipe out . I am pretty sure is going to taste delicious! My regards!
    Happy Sankranti!

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  2. Bhavna,
    I can only imagine how very special and dear this recipe must be to you! Tell your dad I will most certainly try this recipe and let you know. I am sure it is going to be taste delicious!
    Happy Sankranti!

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