Gulab Jamun

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I have prepared these gulab jamun using Gits pack. It is easy to use, you just have follow the direction. It takes about 30 minutes start to end. But over the years I realize that even though packet has recipe written on the back, not everyone has the experience to follow those unwritten tricks while preparing these jamun. So I have tried to decode some of the tricks. I have used 2 gits pack but below ingredients is for 1 packet of 100 gm.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes


Gits gulab Jamun mix (100 gm)
Milk or water
Oil for frying
Cardamom powder
1 cup sugar
Saffron (optional)
Rose water (optional)


1. Take gulab jamun mix in thali. You can add very tiny pinch of cardamom powder or few seeds at this time. Now make dough using either water or milk. You need to add very little water/milk gradually at a time. It will be stickly so be patient and use ghee in your palm and make soft dough (like phulka dough). At one point dough will be less sticky. Soft dough is the most important as it will help jamun not crack and it will be nice and soft when done. Make 18-20 balls without any cracks.

2. On side, prepare sugar syrup. In a wide bottom pan, add 1½ cup water and 1 cup of sugar. Turn on the heat on medium. Stir the syrup once or twice in the beginning and then let it cook on low for few minutes until sugar completely dissolves and syrup is slightly thick. You can add few strands of saffron and cardamom to this. You can also add rose water when done.

3. While sugar syrup is in making, heat frying pan with some oil. When oil medium hot, add 7-8 jamun balls. Very lightly and carefully stir continuous using spatula while frying or it will burn the jamun from one side. When jamun are nice brown from all sides, remove from frying pan and add to hot sugar syrup directly. Fry all jamun in few batches and add them to syrup immediately.

4. You will see jamun will start soaking the syrup, it will double in size in just couple minutes and it will be juice. You can carefully transfer this to container. You can serve it hot, at room temperature or cold as per your taste. You can keep them in fridge for couple days.

These jamuns are so juicy and soft, it will melt in your mouth. Just follow all the tips as mentioned above. I like to serve this as is or in the dessert cup layered with ice cream, fruits, jelly, gulab jamun and nuts/seeds. I would highly recommend you to try this recipe.

Leave me a comment if you have any question regarding this sweet.

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