How to Store Fresh Ginger for Months

Seriously, you must be thinking are you kidding me? Ginger is available all year-long. I agree that it is available all year-long but this is something special. Recently, I went to one of the Indian grocery store and they had organic ginger on sale. Usually it is $2.99 a pound, I got it for $1.79 a pound which is usually the price of regular ginger. So I bought few pounds.  Ginger gets more expensive during certain time of the year. I used it for few weeks then I thought why not store rest of the fresh ginger so I can use organic ginger all year-long.  I could dry ginger and make a powder that is one option but I use fresh ginger more than the dry one. This method also helps if you have a lot of ginger in your refrigerator and you are going out-of-town for few weeks.

I see nowadays people buy ginger paste ready-made. Store bought paste has preservatives and what not. It also has some kind of smell which personally I am not a fan off. Why not spend few minutes once in a while and use it for months. Here is how I prepared it and stored it for months.


1. Remove the skin of the ginger and wash it properly. Then cut it in small pieces.
2. Using blender, make a fine paste without using water.
3. Take a flat plate which can fit in the refrigerator. Drop 1/2 tsp ginger paste or desired quantity you will use while cooking a meal.
4. Put this plate in freezer for about an hour or more until it’s frozen.
5. Remove pieces from the plate and put in freezer bag and freeze immediately, this way each piece are separate and will not stick to each other.
6. Use one or two piece at time when needed.

I have frozen ginger paste in the past, I used to put the paste in bottle and freeze it. But when I wanted to use it, either I needed to thaw it or break some ginger paste from the bottle with knife, it was so painful. This way you have access to small pieces of ginger paste and homemade paste anytime you need it without preservatives.

Hope you will love this idea.

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  1. Great idea. Fresh ginger can also be peeled and frozen whole. It grates nicely while still frozen. You have got me thinking… I’ll be digging up the turmeric in the garden soon. Perhaps I will freeze some of it and save the rest for replanting in the spring.

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