Indian Pickle with Secret Ingredient

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Seriously guys, this is truly a secret ingredient which is growing in my backyard every summer and goes to the ground without me using it.

Everyone who has house with backyard understands how much work is to just maintain backyard. If you are growing fruits and veggies in your yard then it adds more work. Our yard is planted with all the perennials which grows back every summer. I don’t have space, time and energy to grow veggies. I do have cherry and this other fruit tree. Cherries don’t bear fruit every year. This other fruit tree do have fruits every year but they are non edible. So they ripe during summer then drop on the ground and spoils the ground.

So few days back, I was helping my family to clean up our backyard. I saw raw fruits on the tree. I picked one and put in my mouth and ting! a bulb turn on in my brain. I immediately remember a fruit we used to get in India, look and taste exactly like what I had in my hand. My imagination started flowing and decided to give a try to this pickle recipe. Without a much ado…..drumroll please!….the name of the fruit is raw grapes. It’s true! I have this grapevine in our backyard forever. Every year grapes ripe but they are sour grapes mostly used in making wine. Now I regret why did I never bother to do anything with these amazing grapes. Raw grapes tastes like karonda/karvanda. After pickling in turmeric and salt for 3-4 days it resembles pickled capers (available in Canadian grocery stores).


About this pickle, it is very easy to make and needs only few ingredients but wait…I have more raw grapes need to be picked and there will be new recipe coming soon ūüôā :).

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes


Raw grapes
Pickling Salt
Pickle masala
Salt to taste


1. Separate each grapes from the stem. Wash raw grapes and dry with clean towel. In a big bowl mix raw grapes with salt (use can also use regular salt) and turmeric powder and mix well. Fill this in glass jar. Keep on side for 3-4 days. Remember to shake  bottle everyday. You can use this as it is but just add 1 tsp oil or continue with the next process.
Pickle in salt

2. The day when you plan to make pickle, remove grapes from salty yellow water and let it dry on clean cloth for few hours.

3. Before you start to make pickle, heat 1 1/2 cup oil in a pot. Bring oil to smoking point and turn off the heat. Leave on side to cool.

4. Now you are ready to finally assemble pickle. In a big clean bowl, mix grapes, pickle masala, salt and asafoetida. You can roast the salt before adding to pickle which will increase the shelf life of pickle. Pickles need more salt than usual so make sure to taste it. Mix well.

5. Store in clean dry glass bottle/jar. Fill the bottle with pickle and press it towards bottom. Pour boiled oil when it is at room temperature. Make sure pickle is completely covered with oil. It will stay good for few months inside or outside fridge. But it is safe to keep in the fridge. Beware that whenever you remove some pickle from the jar, press remaining pickle so it is covered with oil on the top.

6. Enjoy this pickle with any Indian curries and roti/paratha. You can add to salad if you are using pickle without masala. It taste amazing with or without masala!!

After trying this recipe, the grapes from my yard never going to waste. I already shared raw grapes to few of my friends. I still have more. I am going to pick out most before it ripe. I am thinking of ways to use these grapes differently. I will share other recipe soon.

Hope you will try this pickle recipe and will fall in love.

Also let me know if you have any questions regarding the dish.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Until next time!

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