Pina Colada

Since temperature started going up, it’s perfect time to serve this very refreshing drink. Due to Covid, last 2 years I did not invite any of my friends. So as soon as I got opportunity, I invited them to my place for delicious dinner. I plan my menu ahead of time and make sure that I am free when they are at my place. I usually prepare few dishes and order few from restaurant. I am happy to say that this menu was a big hit. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Sev puri and home-made sambar were super hit.

This was my menu..

Pina colada
Sev puri
Spring roll

Medu vada
Chana urad dal chutney
Coconut chutney

2 types of ice cream

I try to prepare something different for drink every time I invite people over. This time I decided to prepare virgin pina colada as many guests don’t drink alcohol. Everyone loved it so much that they wanted to know the recipe. Here is how I prepared it.

Preparation Time: less than 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes

1 can (400 ml) pineapple bits
Fresh young coconut
Tiny pinch of salt
Cumin powder or chat masala
Fresh mint
Sugar if needed
Soda (club soda or Sprite)

To decorate rim of the glass:
Slice of lemon


1. Blend pineapple bits (keep few pieces for garnishing) in a blender with pineapple juice from can. Then you can add young coconut pieces in the same blender and just pulse to keep small pieces of coconut. Or just chop young coconut in really tiny pieces. Remove this in a big jug.

2. In the same jug, add small pinch of cumin powder or chat masala, tiny pinch of salt, fresh mint leaves (break with hand before adding). Mix every thing well with spoon and keep this in fridge. You can prepare this ahead of time. If you are planning to use club soda then add some sugar. If you are planning to add sprite, you won’t need sugar. Also keep soda in fridge so it is cold when you want to serve it.

3. When you are ready to serve the drink, prepare all glasses first. Mix sumac and sugar in a small plate. To rim the glass cut a lime or lemon wedge and moisten the rim with it; Dip the moistened top of glass in sumac sugar mixture. Prepare each glass following the same process and keep it on side.

4. Just before serving the drink, add soda or sprite in the jug (pineapple coconut blend). Mix with spoon and pour drink in each glass. Serve this immediately.

Pina colada

One thing for sure, everyone will be excited to drink whatever you will serve in decorated glasses. It was a super hit at my house. The refreshing mint flavour with coconut and pineapple makes this the best drink.

Try it in your next gathering! Let me know if you have any question.

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Thank you for visiting my blog. Until next time!

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