Mixed Bean Chat

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Come on….who doesn’t like chat!! It is the combination of sweet and savory, hot and spicy makes it a perfect dish for anytime of the day, mostly with afternoon tea or light supper. It is easy to prepare when you have surprise guest at home. In my house, I always have sweet and tangy chutney and green/spicy chutney in my freezer. You can add leftover chivda, corn flakes, Cheerios, peanuts and other seasonal ingredients like mango, pomegranate, grapes or dried cranberry, raisins, etc. to make it tasty.

I make many different kind of chats like corn chat, sev puri, bhel etc. This recipe has boiled mixed beans. You can use sprouts to make the chat. Everyone knows that beans are high in protein so this chat is not only tasty but also nutritious.

Here is how I made this delicious chat using protein rich beans and few other ingredients. I had leftover boiled mixed beans (chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans) but you can use mix beans from the can. Most of the ingredients will be found in your pantry.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes

Boiled mixed beans or 1 can of mixed beans
Cucumber finely chopped
Ripe tomato finely chopped
Red pepper finely chopped
Dry raisins or cranberry
Green chili finely chopped
Lemon juice
Salt to taste
Roasted rice crispis (mamra/murmura)
Crispy puri – store-bought
Besan sev/vermicelli (thin) for garnishing – store-bought
Chopped coriander leaves for garnishing


1. Chop tomato, cucumber, red pepper, green chili, and fresh coriander. Slightly crush puris.

2. In a bowl, add together all ingredients except few dry raisins or cranberries, besan sev and chopped coriander leaves. Mix well.

3. Serve this chat in a bowl, garnish with chopped coriander, sev and dry cranberries and serve immediately…anyway it is hard to wait after looking at this beauty.bean-chat-1

You can also add onion, boiled potato if you wish. It is a crowd pleasure. Kids will enjoy it too. You can serve it as an appetizer. We love to eat it alone but you can serve as a side with Pani Puri. You can use flat puri  from pani puri to make this dish.

Also let me know if you have any questions regarding the dish.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy cooking!

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