Fruit Chat with Whip Cream

Dear Friends,

Recently I had invited my friends over for dinner. I like to prepare something new every time I invite guest over. It is so hot and humid here in Toronto so I thought why not make something easy and refreshing for dessert. We get many different fruits during summer months. I immediately thought of preparing dessert using fruits. I tried to incorporate spicy fruit with sweet cool whipped cream. And I am telling you….everyone licked their glass XD XD.

Preparation Time: Varies depending on how you whip the cream

Cooking Time: 0 minutes

473 ml whipping cream
4 tbsp icing sugar or as per your taste
2 tbsp milk powder

Other ingredients 
Lemon juice
Chat masala
Sweet basil
Mint and roasted almond pieces or walnuts for garnishing
You can also add banana, strawberries, blackberries kiwi, chikoo or fruits of your choice

1. Before you start whipping the cream, place whipping cream, a metal mixing bowl and metal whisk into the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes.  When you are ready, pour cold cream in cold mixing bowl. You can also put ice cubes underneath mixing bowl which will help to whip it much quicker. Whip until it starts to thicken then add icing sugar and milk powder. Continue to whip until it forms a soft peak. ( I used Vitamix so I put jar in the fridge for half hour before I started. Poured cooled whipping cream in Vitamix jar, covered the lid, quickly increased speed variable from 1 to 10, in less than 1 minute cream started to thicken. Then I added icing sugar and milk powder. Again started variable speed 1 to 10 and then to high. You will hear motor sound change, that’s when you know it’s done. It took less than 2 minutes). You can prepare this ahead of time and put in the fridge.

2. Cut all fruits in bite size pieces. If you are cutting fruits before hand, add some lemon juice and mix well. It will stop fruits from browning. Leave it in the fridge.

3 When you are ready to serve the desert, add sweet basil and chat masala in fruit bowl and mix well.

4. Fill half glass (you can use wine glass) with spicy fruits. Top will big dollop of whipped cream. Add chopped roasted almonds/walnuts on the top and garnish with mint. Serve this dessert immediately. Anyway, no one will wait after they see this delicious dessert 😉 ;).

Fruit Chat1
Fruit Chat
Must try this very easy to make fruit chat topped with whip cream which is so creamy and delicious 😛 :P. Spice from Chat masala, sweet and aromatic flavour from sweet basil , crunch from almond & whipped creams makes it heavenly. I am sure no one will be able to resist this desert 😛 😛 .

Also let me know if you have any questions regarding this desert.

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