Gunda Pickle

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Gunda is a very famous among Gujarati and it known as lasoda in Hindi. It is only available during summer  and it is used in Indian pickle called as gunda nu athanu in Gujarati. It is a spicy pickle. My dad likes sour gunda pickle which is just soaking gunda in sour water (with raw mango seeds), turmeric and salt. Keep gunda in the water for few days until they are ready to eat.  I live in Canada but if I see gunda in the Indian grocery store, I can not resist my temptation. My husband absolutely love this pickle so I try to make it whenever I find fresh gunda. I am making instant pickle using my mother in law’s recipe. Recently she was very sick and still recovering from her illness. We lived together for many years and I had the pleasure of learning this pickle from her.  She is only using mango and gunda to make this pickle but I have added grated ginger to enhance the flavour.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 5 – 7 minutes


400 gm gunda/lasoda
2 raw mango (sour the better)
1 1/2 cup Pickle masala / koro sambhar
Salt to taste
Pinch of asafoetida


1. Wash and dry gunda/lasoda. Then take one gunda at time and slowly hit with pestle so it breaks from one side. After breaking every gunda, remove seeds using sharp knife. Keep seeded gunda on the side.

2. Grate 2 mangoes.

3. In a deep plate or in a wide bowl, mix grated mango, pickle masala, salt and asafoetida. You need to add extra salt in the pickle as it won’t taste very good if salt is less. Mix everything well.

4. Fill this mixture in each gunda one at a time.

5. Arrange mango masala filled gunda in a pan. Add 2-3 tbsp oil. Turn on heat on medium and when pan is hot enough, turn down the heat, cover the pan with lid. Let gunda cook on low for around 4-5 minutes stirring frequently. Gunda will slightly wilt and change the colour. Turn off the heat and move the pan away.

6. Let gunda cool completely and then store in a clean jar or canister. If you see there is not enough oil then heat some oil in a separate pot until it comes to the smoking point. Let oil completely cool down and then add this oil in a jar with pickle. It is always good to have pickle covered with oil on top. It keeps it good for long time.

7. Store it in refrigerator. Enjoy this pickle with any Indian curries and roti/paratha. I hope you will love my MIL’s recipe as much as I love it. By documenting this, I wanted to pass this recipe to my next generation so they will be able enjoy their grandma’s pickle ❤❤.

Please do leave a comment or let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Read all your pickle recipes, so tempted to make them. Just one query, can u specify which oil to be used is it filtered groundnut oil or raw mustard oil. Thanks.


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