Panettone Ice Cream Cake with Berry Compote

Panettone is an Italian type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year. Traditional panettone, (yellow in color because it has butter and egg yolks in it) is studded with raisins and the candied peels of lemons and oranges.

I see the loaf of panettone in Toronto supermarket few months around Christmas. I remember seeing Jamie Oliver prepared winter-pudding-bombe in one of his show. I did not remember the exact recipe but I got the tips how he prepared the dessert using panettone bread and ice cream. I decided to prepare this dessert for the Christmas dinner at my place.

There is no cooking or baking involved to prepare this dessert except for the fruit compote. You can prepare this dessert way ahead and prepare compote on the day of the event. If you don’t have access to panettone, you can use raisin bread or sponge cake. You can use the ice cream of your choice. I used vanilla and cheese cake ice cream for 2 different layer. You can use seasonal fruits like chikoo, mango, orange, pear, berries, peach, etc. for layering and for the fruit compote. You can top with chocolate syrup instead of fruit compote. I am sure the end result will be divine! Here is how I prepared very easy delicious, orange flavoured dessert, topped with berry compote.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 5-7 minutes

7-8 slightly thick slices of panettone bread
2 liter ice cream of your choice
Small pieces of mixed fruits like orange segments, berries, etc.
Chopped roasted nuts like almond, pistachio, walnuts, pecan, etc.
Smarties, chocolate chips if available

Fruit Compote:
Mixed berries
1-2 slices of orange segments and 1/2 tsp zest
Sugar as needed

1. Take a circle bowl, pick the size based on how many people you are planning to feed. Line the bowl using plastic wrap. Use the big wrap so the remaining hanging wrap on side of bowl can be used to wrap the complete cake at the end when you finish. Then, line this bowl using bread slices. completely cover the base and side of the bowl as shown in the above picture.

2. Mix chopped nuts, smarties, chocolate chips in a small bowl.  In another bowl, mix all the chopped fruits, I used orange segments (skin removed) and berries.

3. Pull out ice cream few minutes before so it’s slightly soft when you start assembling the dessert.

4. When you are ready, start assembling the dessert. In bread lined bowl, add 1st layer of ice cream, then layer fruit bits or thin slices, then ice cream followed by nuts & smarties and at the end finish with ice cream layer on the top. You can use different ice cream flavour for different layer of ice cream. Finish with wrapping the remainder plastic wrap and put in the freezer.

5. On the day of event, prepare compote. Add berries, orange segments, orange zest and sugar in a pan. Cook on low stirring frequently until berries are soft and mixture is syrupy, it may take 3-5 minutes. Keep on side.

6.  Pull out the cake from the freezer at least 30 minutes before and keep in refrigerator.  Remove cake from the wrap. Make Slices of cake and put in a plate. Top it with compote and nuts or I used chocolate sticks and serve immediately.

You know how guest says no to regular dessert because everyone is diet conscious, but you won’t have to force anyone to eat this dessert 😀 😀 . Everyone at my place cleaned their plate 😛 😛 . The orange flavour in bread and compote really worked well. Also, the different texture from nuts and smarties was a fun to eat. Try it at your next get together, you will be surprise how easy is to make this dessert and tastes the best!

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this dish.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Until next time!

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