How to preserve and use fresh turmeric year long?

You must have seen many videos and posts for the health benefits of turmeric (haldi).  It has many health benefits like it’s Anti-Inflammatory, increases the Antioxidant, curcumin  in turmeric boosts Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, linked to improved Brain function and a Lower risk of Brain diseases, it also works as pain reliever, improves liver function, aid in digestion, and many more.

I personally like to have turmeric every morning with warm milk. When I started 1st, I used store-bought turmeric powder to prepare but my husband and I were hesitant using ready-made powder as we hear how they use colour/chemical in turmeric. If I am drinking something for health reason then I would prefer the ingredients which are not contaminated. Then I thought why not use fresh turmeric and grate it. I tried doing that few days but it was so hard to clean the grater which turned yellow. I was thinking of solution and this idea came to my mind. This way I can add fresh haldi/turmeric to my milk everyday.  I absolutely love this and thought of sharing this idea with you all. I am able to prepare yellow milk every morning without any mess in just one minute in microwave. You can also use it prepare Turmeric Carom Latte to Cure Cold and Cough or gold milk. If you have small kids, I would highly recommend freezing fresh turmeric.

You can prepare this in bulk when fresh turmeric are in season and inexpensive and use all around the year. You can also add this instead of powder to prepare any curry, it will enhance the flavour lot more.

Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes


1. Wash whole turmeric and remove the skin. Cut it in small pieces.

2. First, rub 2-3 drops of oil inside food processor. This will help in cleaning yellow colour from the jar much faster. Add chopped turmeric pieces to the food processor. Blend to smooth paste.

3. In a flat plate, I used stainless steel, 1st cover with plastic wrap. Then thinly layer turmeric paste. Put it in a freezer for few hours. When it is hard, remove from plastic (it will come out very easily) and break in to small pieces or cut small squares with knife. Since turmeric paste was spread in thin layer, it breaks easily with hands. Put in a zip lock bag and put back in freezer.

4. Every morning, add a piece of fresh turmeric paste in milk and warm it in microwave for a minute. You have a fresh yellow milk ready in a minute without any mess. I absolutely love it!!

You can also freeze it in a ice-cube tray but I thought the pieces will be too big and i will have to break it every time I need a small piece.

Also let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Very nice information….but I was surprised that after all the loving preparation, you use a microwave on a product which has a quite delicate cellular / molecular structure…..I would feel quite certain it’s better on multiple levels – nutritional, energetic vibrational quality etc if it was heated without the way a microwave works

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  2. Have you ever thought of the fact that most Asians are lactose intolerant, and cannot break up the lactose in milk. I would definitely suggest you use this with kefir or yogurt with cumin powder.

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